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Don’t Tell Me To Look For The Silver Lining

On Negativity: Part One, Don’t Tell Me To Look For The Silver Lining I’ve been away from my blog for quite a while now, mostly due to attempting to get a handle on my depression and some recent trauma. I’ve done a lot of thinking about trauma, emotions, conflict, positivity, and negativity. Here is “Part One” of organizing these thoughts. I… Read more »

XIII. Death

The Tarot Donkey   November 23, 2015   No Comments on XIII. Death

Card Meaning Death is a card of change and rebirth, despite its scary name. (Though I’d be just as scared of a card  named “change.” I’m not good at transitions!) One thing must end (or “die”) for something new to begin. Why isn’t the card just called “Rebirth” or something similar then? Because Death is the moment of transition we need… Read more »