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Monday Meditation

The Tarot Donkey   April 18, 2016   Comments Off on Monday Meditation

A meditation for the week ahead: April 18 – April 24 May I take time this week to build my self-confidence. May I take pride in what my body can do and what my mind can learn. May I appreciate that mastering a craft takes patience and dedication. May I find enjoyment in the tasks that lay ahead of me… Read more »

Courtroom Drama

Now that I’ve explored the Major Arcana, I can jump back into the Alternative Tarot Course! This is a majors only spread, and the question is: How can I become a truly brilliant tarot reader? Position Five: The Center The Hierophant This card is looked at first since it is the center of the issue at hand — everything else… Read more »

XX. Judgement

Card Meaning Judgement is a card of renewal and rebirth. Duality is a theme that has been explored throughout much of the Major Arcana. Here, we see a child between the man and the woman. This symbolizes the birth of a new self. From duality comes a new whole. The cross in the sun on the Efflorescent Tarot (and on… Read more »

XIX. The Sun

The Tarot Donkey   December 4, 2015   2 Comments on XIX. The Sun

Card Meaning The Sun symbolizes clarity, joy, simplicity, knowledge, and openness. When considering the third row of the Major Arcana as a whole, the Sun is significant: from darkness (in the Devil and Tower) to light (from the Star, to the Moon, to the Sun). What was in shadow in the light of the Moon is now clearly seen. The… Read more »