Every once in while a song I haven’t heard or thought about in a while will just pop into my head, and sometimes these are good lessons if I pay attention. When my grandmother was dying and we were on the road to see her not knowing if she would still be alive when we got there it was “Que Será, Será.” A few years ago when I was overworking myself and not taking time to take care of myself it was Paul Simon’s “Run That Body Down.”

This morning it was Paul Simon’s “Tenderness.”

It occurs to me that this song absolutely relates to the the suit of Swords and my own personal struggles with being air-element heavy. Paul Simon’s got my number here.

“Right and wrong, it never helped us get along
You say you care for me, but there’s no tenderness beneath your honesty
… You don’t have to lie to me, just give me some tenderness”

It’s certainly not that I don’t want to be tender, it just isn’t my default approach much of the time.  I need to continue to consciously practice until it comes naturally.