UnravellingI discovered this incredible resource via Emily N. Howard. Susannah Conway has a super cool workbook that helps you to reflect on the past year and to look ahead to the upcoming year. She calls it “Unravelling the Year Ahead,” and rather than setting traditional new year’s resolutions, she talks about choosing a word for the year. Like a theme.

I’m still working through the book, but so far it has been super useful. This last year has been quite a roller coaster of sorts. I’ve both discovered how to trust myself and carve my own path and discovered how many deep-seated fears still live inside of me. So for 2016, I settled on the word “courage.” Courage to continue to trusting myself as I start a new journey and courage to fight my fears that keep me emotionally isolated.

Once I chose a word, I decided to pick some “supporting” cards from tarot. I did this non-randomly. I consciously chose two cards I thought might be helpful to me as I take on the theme of courage in 2016. I decided on the Knight of Cups and the Queen of Pentacles.

Unravelling cards

Ostara Tarot

The Knight of Cups, though usually considered pretty passive (for a knight), will remind me to be brave with my emotions. Let them out there! Showing emotion and having and sharing dreams is quite a brave thing to do, for me anyway. The Queen of Pentacles will be a reminder to have the courage to nurture and create the home and relationships I value and desire. Is there anything more fundamental and valuable than a safe and loving home and family?

I look forward to bringing courage with me in the coming year and to working through the rest of Susannah Conway’s workbook đŸ™‚