Today I attended my first psychic fair! It was neat to see lots of different folks. I got a tarot reading and a rune reading.

Reading 2016, Jan 23 (runes)

My first ever rune reading

I don’t know anything about runes, but the fellow offering readings seemed very nice, and I was curious to try something new! The take away message here was that I don’t really know what I want right now (isn’t that the truth!), and that I may be blocking myself from finding out. Freedom from a relationship is needed. Not necessarily an end, but a freedom from ways that I may be trapped or held back in certain relationships. It was very neat! I’d like to learn a bit more about runes. Maybe time to hit the library.

There were several oracle readers at this fair, but only one tarot reader and I really wanted to get my first in-person tarot reading. So I waited in line for my turn. There were two decks to choose from. I think one was a Thoth deck, which I’m not familiar with at all. I chose the RWS-like deck so I could better follow along.

Reading 2016, Jan 23 (fair)

My first in-person tarot reading

I didn’t ask a specific question, but mentioned that it is a turbulent time in my life. The primary, in-a-nutshell message I took away from this reading felt quite accurate. It is indeed a time of conflict, and people will be hurt. I have to be careful not to be the one hurting my own self. This is part of a larger life change, and the outcome should be positive. There will be emotional residue leftover at the end, but I am strong and my own position in this conflict is coming from a place of love. Because the outcome card didn’t tie everything up in a nice bow, she had me draw one more card: the Sun! If I channel my inner child and positivity, that could help me to move through the residual emotional discomfort or yuckiness that is leftover once this whole thing is at a conclusion of sorts. This reading was very validating! Not only about the current conflict, but about where I feel I’m coming from.

While I was in line waiting for the tarot reading, I picked up a book to browse: The Language of Emotions by Karla McLaren. It had caught my eye earlier in the day, and I thought it’d be good to skim it and see if it might be as neat as it first seemed. It does seem very cool! So I bought it and brought it home 🙂

I’m super looking forward to reading this book, and I plan to use tarot to help me work through some of it. I imagine there will be some tough stuff, but I’m excited to explore and learn more about my emotions and to hopefully ultimately create a more healthy way of expressing and understanding my feelings. One of the quotes that really sold me on the book was:

Language of Emotion“I saw people after they had moved into ‘survivor’ status — they were no longer victims, they had fully identified their wounds, they understood them intellectually, and they could monitor themselves for signs of traumatic reenactments or post-traumatic behaviors. Yet still they felt unfinished, as if something had been forgotten. They were right — many things had been forgotten, such as their visionary fire elements, which could tell them where trauma came from (and where it’s going), or their earthy bodies, which in many cases still held on to traumatic events, no matter how much intellectual understanding had been achieved. There was also their oceanic emotions, which constantly attempted to lead them (or force them) into a deeper understanding of their trauma. These survivors were often quite confused; their therapeutic tribes had pronounced them cured, yet their physical symptoms, their emotional upheavals, and their spiritual or visionary emptiness continued unabated. Clearly, something was unfinished” (McLaren 106).

I thought YES! Yes, this is me!

So overall it was a really successful trip to the fair. I got two great readings and a book that will rock my mind.