Monday Meditation: 10 Oct 2016

Animal Wisdom Tarot: Goat, Shadow God of Liberation and Scarab Beetle, Ten of Branches

Goat, Shadow God of Liberation and Scarab Beetle, Ten of Branches (Animal Wisdom Tarot by Down Brunke, illustrated by Ola Liola; CICO Books copyright 2013)

A meditation for the week of October 10 – October 16

When I am feeling overwhelmed, may I take the time to evaluate what is within my control and let go of things that are not ultimately beneficial to me.


The Devil & Ten of Wands

We’ve got a couple of heavy cards this week, but they deliver an important message for us to meditate on: we have the power to lay down some of our burdens. This is easy to forget when we feel so very overwhelmed. It is important to take some time out and to evaluate what is, in fact, within our control. Are you loading yourself up with too many “obligations”? Are you spreading yourself too thin?

One lesson I have had a difficult time learning is that some things, if left undone, will not actually bring my world to a screeching halt! Don’t be afraid to push back a deadline, to reschedule a meeting, or to say, “You know, I thought I could take on x, but I am overwhelmed and will not be able to do this for you.” Or to say no to begin with. It is okay.

Occasionally, there are just time periods where each thing on our plate is quite important and does need to be taken care of. But, truly, most of the time we are taking on more than we need to. Rather than hurting yourself mentally, spiritually, and/or physically, let some things fall off of your plate. Focus on what really matters.