Weekly Heart-Message

The Four of Pentacles, Three of Pentacles, Five of Cups, and Four of Wands on a linen cloth with crystals

The Animal-Wise Tarot by Ted Andrews, Dragonhawk Press copyright 2007


May I trust myself and my abilities as I set and reach for my goals.



Often it is easier for us to see the gifts of others and to deny our own abilities. This inaccurate understanding of ourselves can cause us to close doors that very well may be wonderful and joyful opportunities for us. Imagine what your life could be like if those dreams you hold in the bottom of your heart and deny are possible and could be awakened and realized.

    • What dreams have I denied myself through self-doubt?
    • If I am honest with myself, what am I really good at that I often don’t acknowledge or give myself credit for?
    • If I embrace these strengths and abilities, what goals suddenly become a reachable possibility?