Dream Raven Tarot by Beth Seilonen, Schiffer Publishing LTD copyright 2013


Rather than fear the shadow aspects of myself, may I shine a loving light upon them.



We all have parts of ourselves we aren’t proud of, that we battle with, and that we find difficult to change despite these feelings. Shame can be useful to a point — it helps us to know that there is something we don’t like and don’t want to nurture or indulge in ourselves.

But if we take shame too far, we may retreat, assume we are somehow fundamentally bad, and feel powerless to create any needed change. Shadow work is hard, but it shouldn’t keep us from growing and loving ourselves. Take the childlike curiosity of the Page and examine your inner self:

  • What are my shadows?
  • When do they appear? (What circumstances or around what people?)
  • What would I like to replace these shadows with? Or how would I like to modify these shadows?
  • What might the roots of these shadows be?

Take a non-judgemental, compassionate approach and know that though the work is not easy, it is worthwhile. This Raven did not reach the World by ignoring their shadows or belittling themselves. Shine a loving light on your own shadows, and begin the slow, fulfilling journey of becoming the person you know you are meant to be.