Three Witchinlings cards (wish, transformation, and opportunity) sit above some crystals (green calcide, blue calcite, blue topaz, agate slice, chrysocolla, and pineapple quartz) on a linen cloth

Witchlings by Paulina Cassidy, U.S. Games Inc. ©2014


All transformations, even the huge giant ones, start somewhere. Pay attention to your wishes, and don’t dismiss them immediately as silly fantasies.



We have all kinds of wishes — some are pure fantasy, others are possible, and some fall somewhere in between where we aren’t quite sure how realistic they may be. Don’t lump all of your wishes together as fantasy. While some transformations come about from Tower moments, others start as Wishes. Wishes can become plans and those plans can become reality. Like seeds, there is power within our wishes waiting to be unleashed when given water, nutrients, sunlight, and care.

  • What do you wish for?
  • Which wishes are pure fantasy? Which are surely possible? And which are more difficult to discern?

Think of at least one wish that is possible and create a plan to bring it to fruition. Choose an “easy” one (relative to other wishes). For me this might be something as silly as, “I wish this living room wasn’t so messy!” Take your plan and put it into action.

Keep practicing until you feel more comfortable working on wishes that originally felt impossible or too difficult or too scary. You can be your very own fairy godmother 🙂