The Halloween Tarot by Karin Lee & Kipling West, U.S. Games Inc. ©2012


You have a beautiful heart and soul. You are worthy of love and care.



Self-doubt and insecurity have a sneaky way of setting up shop in our hearts and minds and convincing us that we aren’t good enough, are fundamentally flawed, or are deserving of the unfair or unkind treatment we may receive. You have the power to combat those ideas by consciously adding positive self talk.

  • What are the negative ideas or beliefs that you have about yourself?
  • Think of a positive phrase you can say to yourself to combat each of those beliefs.

For example, if you believe that you are too “needy” in a relationship for asking for certain treatment, you can combat that by saying, “I am a person worthy of love and care. It is ok for me to have needs and to speak about them.” One day at a time, you can begin to change those thoughts until your truly believe that you are a beautiful, shining, amazing soul!