The Little Monsters Tarot by Olivia Ephraim Pepper & Peony Coin Archer


Stand up for what you believe in. It shows integrity and inner light. But be sure that you are not forgetting to stand up for and care for yourself!



It is a beautiful thing to be enthusiastic and passionate about something (a cause, a belief, etc). And if we aren’t careful, we can quickly burn ourselves out. That’s one of the lessons of the element of fire. You can do amazing things with it, but if you become careless, it is so easy to get burned or to burn others. So in your passion, be sure you are also prioritizing taking care of yourself, or else you may soon find that you don’t have any energy left to fuel your passion. Your Star deserves to shine brightly, but be sure you don’t burn up all of your fuel.

  • What do you feel passionately about?
  • How do you stand up for what you believe in?
  • How can you make sure that you are regularly caring for yourself so that you don’t burn out?

It’s ok to take breaks and allow others to carry the torch for a time. Sometimes you’ll be the torch-bearer, and sometimes you’ll need to rest.