Caring For Our Planet

Painting of the Earth with leaves and brooms

As The Tarot Donkey, it matters to me what impact my business has on our beautiful home.

Paper – 100% post-consumer recycled, created using wind energy

Envelopes – 100% post-consumer recycled

Return Address Labels – made from cane sugar waste and other agricultural waste products, 100% tree-free, recyclable adhesive

Postcards – 100% post-consumer recycled

Bookmarks – 100% recycled content, produced with 100% “green powered” energy

Caring for the Earth is not a business shtick for me. I also try to do my part in my personal life as well including replacing napkins, facial tissues, and moon time products with reusable cloth; not using harmful fertilizers or weed killers in my yard or garden; supporting small businesses who also care about our planet; and overall striving to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

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