The Tarot Donkey’s Code of Ethics

Free Will
I believe that everyone has free will. Tarot cards do not see or determine your future. They do not tell you what to do or make choices for you. Consulting tarot is like consulting a trusted friend. Tarot provides us with new perspectives, tells us truths we haven’t wanted to admit, and reframes our views of the world.

You alone are responsible for your behavior and choices.

I welcome people of all walks of life, including different religions, sexualities, abilities, and cultural backgrounds. I approach all of my clients with the deepest sense of compassion and respect.

Tarot cards are paper and ink, and the only power they have is the power we give to them. And this power resides within us! Tarot helps us to tap into this inner strength. I believe tarot is a tool of empowerment.

Formulating a Question
This link provides good advice for how to formulate a question for tarot:

If needed, I can help you word a question to best let tarot empower you.

You are the expert on your own life. The more information you provide me with, the more ways I will be able to relate the tarot cards to your situation. But please only share what you are comfortable with sharing!

I am not a doctor, lawyer, or financial expert. I do not answer questions seeking medical, legal, or financial advice. Seek the help of a professional in these areas if you need this type of assistance.

I am not a psychologist. While I use and see tarot as a tool for healing and self-exploration, tarot is in no way, shape, or form a substitute for professional mental health care, counseling, or medication. Use tarot as a supplement to these other forms of self-care, not a replacement.

I am not psychic and do not claim to be psychic.

I do not provide readings for people under age 18.

Third Parties
I do not provide readings for third parties. This means I will only do a reading for the person requesting a reading, not for or specifically about another person.

I will keep readings confidential unless I have reason believe you are a harm to yourself or to someone else or unless required by a court of law to do otherwise.