The Tarot Donkey's logo: a cool colored donkey, lying down facing the viewer. A crescent moon. A yellow star on the donkey's forehead.

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“I hope you can believe me when I tell you that this is, hands down, the BEST reading I have ever received. I’m not exaggerating. This was the most insightful, healing and spot-on interpretation that anyone has ever done for me.” – Em, @theempathtarot (IG), professional artist, astrologer, and tarot reader

“You have a beautifully intuitive style. I loved the reading and it resonated greatly with me. I felt you cared for my concerns and you affirmed my feelings in a supportive way. Your advice was practical and resonated deeply with me. You gave me something I could do on my own, and was very achievable. You empathize really well and offer a connection that feels real. I appreciate the lovingkindness you showed towards me through this reading.” – Apollinav, @apollinav (IG)

“Thank you so much for this reading! I absolutely love it. I must confess I was a bit teary-eyed after reading this prayer for the first time, everything in it just struck a chord with me. It’s curious, how I’ve been thinking thoughts along the same line, but when I read these thoughts (plus some!) written by you, I felt such a warm wave of empathy and understanding coming from you, and somehow I feel that gives more power (and perhaps validation) to me. You wove my theme in beautifully. So, thank you for this beautiful gift, I will definitely treasure it!” – @soulfulowltarot (IG)

“The invocation was outstanding. Somehow you knew exactly what I needed to hear. It was so comforting and thoughtful. I will definitely be returning to it time and time again. I’m so happy to have it!” – Julie N., @tasteslikehappy (IG)

“I really appreciated the insight offered from each card, as well as the suggestions as to how I might best put each tool to use. One of the things I most appreciated about your reading was how you acknowledged that the circumstances are hard. I feel like often ‘self help’ type readings focus so heavily on the positive imagery of creating change, that they fail to validate the feelings that sometimes, it’s just really damn difficult. You reading made me feel validated, while at the same time giving me hope and some practical input for getting through it. This reading was such a positive experience for me. It came at a time when I desperately needed a glimmer of hope. Thank you so very much – this resonated deeply, and was exactly what I needed.” – Heather K., @greycattarot (IG)

“Marie was professional and respectful. She explained the cards without over-explaining and has a friendly style. In the reading she looks at the cards together, while focusing on the important bits of every card and looked at every aspect of the question I asked. The cards pulled and the interpretations made sense, reinforcing what I already know as well as looking at things from a new angle, what more can you ask from a reading?” – Ingrid, @friendlymagpieoracle (IG)

“Marie has created a very professional and easy on the eye PDF reading format, which is a great visual introduction to the care that’s gone into her business creation. The reading itself was very supportive and attentive in regards to the information previously shared. Marie ensured the information I shared remained focus, being weaved into the message throughout to truly personalising our individual exploration together. I always appreciate a reader who is explorative and leans away from giving advice, as I see valuing the querent’s process key to any tarot reading. The decks chosen were very complementary of each other and felt like they were selected taking into consideration the context of my focus, spread style and what Marie know’s I enjoy artistically. The reading has a gentle, soothing nature about it throughout and I am thankful to Marie for allowing me to be part of her test rollout prior to officially opening her business.” – Tee