The Tarot Donkey’s Shop

Welcome to my shop, friend!

I consider myself so lucky to be able to do what I love for a living, and you make that possible!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

I am currently expanding and updating my services. Available links below are good to go, and ones that aren’t I am working lovingly and diligently on!

I would be honored to be an empowering companion on your journey.

Local Services

I am the tarot reader at Tranquility Shop and would love to see you in the shop! I offer tarot readings in-shop, tarot readings at parties, and will soon be offering tarot-based coaching and private lessons!

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Patreon Services

I offer 4 tiers of fabulous tarot services through Patreon.

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Tarot Readings

I offer tarot readings at a variety of price points. My readings are focused on empowerment, self-love, and personal growth. I look forward to reading for you!

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Tarot-Based Coaching

I offer coaching packages for folks who are feeling lost and powerless in their own lives and are ready to make a change. My services are delivered with compassionate caring.

Being Added! 🙂