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Weekly Meditation: 7 Nov 2016


A meditation for the week of November 7 – November 13 Have I been stuck in a rut lately? Might a new interest or hobby add a new spark to my life? This week, may I allow myself to explore something new and see what excites me. ——— And here the wands make a return to our Weekly Meditations! But… Read more »

Monday Meditation: 17 Oct 2016


A meditation for the week of October 17 – October 23 My passions matter. This week, may I honor myself enough to put time and energy into what excites me, drives me, and makes me who I am. ——— Ace of Wands & Eight of Wands What gets your engine revving? What makes you smile just thinking about it? Where can you… Read more »

Daily: Ace of Wands


Today’s card is the Ace of Wands. The Ace of Wands can represent a new project or a desire to create. It could be a flash of inspiration that sparks creative confidence and enthusiasm. An eagerness to rise to a challenge. Be bold and trust your inner light. It can also symbolize spiritual awakening and sexuality. Fire energy may not… Read more »

Elements & Aces


Today I’ll be exploring a few lessons from The Alternative Tarot Course by Beth of Little Red Tarot. I’m thinking about the elements, the aces, and how I can connect these things to my own life. Pentacles Pentacles are the suit of our material lives. Things like home, money, health, work, bodies, sex, and nature. Pentacles also represent the element… Read more »