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XXI. The World


Card Meaning The World represents fullness, fulfillment, wholeness, and freedom. Success. In the RWS depiction, the wreath around the dancer is round (it is diamond shaped here in the Efflorescent). The round wreath echos the 0 (zero) of the Fool.  Rachel Pollack in Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom states, “The oval wreath suggests the number 0, with all its symbolism. It implies as… Read more »

XIX. The Sun


Card Meaning The Sun symbolizes clarity, joy, simplicity, knowledge, and openness. When considering the third row of the Major Arcana as a whole, the Sun is significant: from darkness (in the Devil and Tower) to light (from the Star, to the Moon, to the Sun). What was in shadow in the light of the Moon is now clearly seen. The… Read more »

XIV. Temperance


Card Meaning This card stands for inner balance, calmness, synthesis, control, and moderation. It is the last card of the second row of the Major Arcana, and as such, represents the success of self-discovery and self-confidence. Where the Chariot stood for a willed balance of worldly success, Temperance is about inner equilibrium, and seems to feel more “natural” than the… Read more »

XI: Justice


Card Meaning This card symbolizes honesty with one’s self, truthfulness, and, well, justice. In the position of card 11, it is directly in the middle of the Major Arcana (if we set the Fool aside). This further speaks to the balance indicated by this card. Justice takes both the action of the Magician and the intuition and introspection of the… Read more »

IX. The Hermit


Card Meaning This card its below the High Priestess in the Major Aracana’s three rows of seven, and these two cards are certainly similar. While the High Priestess represents intuition and the unconscious, the Hermit seems to represents a more conscious withdrawal into the unconscious or into one’s self for the purpose of contemplation related to a particular circumstance or… Read more »

VII. The Chariot


Card Meaning When the cards of the Major Arcana (with the Fool set aside) are placed in three rows of seven, the Chariot is the last card of the first row. This first row represents maturation and the development of ourselves as individuals. It represents the ability to control the dualistic parts of ourselves, but this does not mean that… Read more »

VI. The Lovers


Card Meaning The Lovers can represent relationships, love, connection, and choice. In the Fool’s Journey, it can be representative of adolescence: the Magician and High Priestess are archetypes of “feminine” and “masculine” energies; the Empress and Emperor represent parents; and the Emperor and Hierophant represent larger social structures. From this perspective, the Lovers indicate a time of making choices based… Read more »

I. The Magician


Abracadabra! The Magician 🙂 Card Meaning The Efflorescent Tarot’s magician has the four suit symbols laid out on a cloth in front of her. She wears her magician’s hat and has a little rat/mouse friend perched on her shoulder. Behind her is a shelf full of different items: skulls, books, flowers, a snake, jars, dice, crystals, eggs, a candle. A thorny… Read more »

Just Give Me Some Tenderness


Every once in while a song I haven’t heard or thought about in a while will just pop into my head, and sometimes these are good lessons if I pay attention. When my grandmother was dying and we were on the road to see her not knowing if she would still be alive when we got there it was “Que Será, Será.”… Read more »

Elements & Aces


Today I’ll be exploring a few lessons from The Alternative Tarot Course by Beth of Little Red Tarot. I’m thinking about the elements, the aces, and how I can connect these things to my own life. Pentacles Pentacles are the suit of our material lives. Things like home, money, health, work, bodies, sex, and nature. Pentacles also represent the element… Read more »