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Weekly Heart-Message


Heart-Message Who will you be? Each morning that you wake up, you get to decide. Embrace this power. ——— Heart-Search We all have things about ourselves that we don’t exactly love. Perhaps a habit or thought process, perhaps the way we respond to others in certain situations. Whatever it is, know that you do have the power to change it…. Read more »

The Energetic Well


I’ve been frustrated with myself over the last couple of years for failing to stick to my plan of regularly posting on my blog and of posting daily on my Instagram. But I’m done being frustrated with myself. I’ve been a busy, busy bee. Not just in my daily life of juggling depression and cptsd with teaching and grading and… Read more »

Monday Meditation


A meditation for the week ahead: April 11 – April 17 May I understand that change can be difficult, but that it is inevitable. May I recognize that sometimes the hardest thing about work is patience. May I appreciate the fruits of my labor and milestones along the way. May I step up to the challenges ahead of me with… Read more »