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Weekly Heart-Message


Heart-Message May I trust myself and my abilities as I set and reach for my goals. ——— Heart-Search Often it is easier for us to see the gifts of others and to deny our own abilities. This inaccurate understanding of ourselves can cause us to close doors that very well may be wonderful and joyful opportunities for us. Imagine what… Read more »

Monday Meditation


A¬†meditation for the week ahead: February 8 – February 14. May I not take those I love for granted. May I express to them what they mean to me and listen to them carefully when they express their needs to me. May I accept the warmth of love that is offered to me and recognize it as a precious gift…. Read more »

Messages for 2016


Continuing through Susannah Conway’s workbook, I’ve done a spread for the year ahead. I don’t subscribe to the idea of future-telling, but I do like the idea of a little message or tidbit to keep in mind for each month of the year ahead. So I’ve gone through and created¬†a short message from each card, focusing on the particular messages… Read more »