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Weekly Meditation: 7 Nov 2016


A meditation for the week of November 7 – November 13 Have I been stuck in a rut lately? Might a new interest or hobby add a new spark to my life? This week, may I allow myself to explore something new and see what excites me. ——— And here the wands make a return to our Weekly Meditations! But… Read more »

The Fire Court: Page


I’m finally jumping back into the Alternative Tarot Course after a stress-induced hiatus. Time to explore the court cards! I’ll be looking at the personality types represented in the cards, and trying to find people in my life or that I know of who reflect these court card characters. And I’ll start with the wands. Page of Wands The unformed,… Read more »

Daily: Page of Wands


Today’s card is the Page of Wands. I am seeing why people say the court cards are hard to interpret. I’ll start with a list of words: adventurous, dynamic, creative, enthusiastic, confident, ambitious, perfectionistic, immature, impatient, impulsive, eager, intrigued, hopeful. Scanning the Animal Wisdom Tarot booklet, I found something that might be really helpful. “Court cards highlight personalities within a… Read more »