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Seeds of Abundance


I’m participating in a challenge hosted by @violetauraphoto on Instagram, and today’s challenge is the Spirit of Abundance Spread. So I thought I’d really explore and elaborate on the spread here. Position One: Seed, a beginning or something that needs nurturance King of Wands I am really fascinated by the Animal Totem’s description of this card. It speaks to me… Read more »

Monday Meditation


A meditation for the week ahead: March 28 – April 3 May I be gentle and thoughtful in my interactions, and may I avoid escalating any disagreements unnecessarily. May I be level-headed and practical in matters of money. May I avoid gossip and other behaviors that destructive to myself and others. May I take time this week to really work… Read more »

Monday Meditation


(This post is so late because our car’s engine went out earlier today. What fun!) A meditation for the week ahead: February 29 – March 6 May I carefully consider the choices presented to me during the week. May I nurture myself, particularly my emotional self. May I listen to those around me and appreciate those who support me. May… Read more »

Messages for 2016


Continuing through Susannah Conway’s workbook, I’ve done a spread for the year ahead. I don’t subscribe to the idea of future-telling, but I do like the idea of a little message or tidbit to keep in mind for each month of the year ahead. So I’ve gone through and created a short message from each card, focusing on the particular messages… Read more »