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Weekly Meditation: 14 Nov 2016


A meditation for the week of November 14 – November 20 No matter the trials I may face this week, may I remember to remain connected to those I love and who love and support me in return. ——— This last week has been very intense, to say the least, for many people. As these emotions bleed into this week… Read more »

Monday Meditation


A meditation for the week ahead: March 28 – April 3 May I be gentle and thoughtful in my interactions, and may I avoid escalating any disagreements unnecessarily. May I be level-headed and practical in matters of money. May I avoid gossip and other behaviors that destructive to myself and others. May I take time this week to really work… Read more »

Monday Meditation


A meditation for the week ahead: February 15 – February 21 May I wonder at the world around me. May I seek out new knowledge with enthusiasm and determination. May I care for myself and those around me with loving care and compassion. May I appreciate the things that I have and not wish for more material goods. May I… Read more »

Messages for 2016


Continuing through Susannah Conway’s workbook, I’ve done a spread for the year ahead. I don’t subscribe to the idea of future-telling, but I do like the idea of a little message or tidbit to keep in mind for each month of the year ahead. So I’ve gone through and created a short message from each card, focusing on the particular messages… Read more »

“Unravelling The Year Ahead”


I discovered this incredible resource via Emily N. Howard. Susannah Conway has a super cool workbook that helps you to reflect on the past year and to look ahead to the upcoming year. She calls it “Unravelling the Year Ahead,” and rather than setting traditional new year’s resolutions, she talks about choosing a word for the year. Like a theme…. Read more »