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Weekly Heart-Message


Heart-Message Don’t let heartache steal your spark or turn you into someone you don’t want to be. ——— Heart-Search A broken heart or betrayal can send you reeling, wondering what happened and questioning your own sense of self and safety. During this time, it is very easy to let the storm in the Three of Bats douse our inner flame… Read more »

Weekly Heart-Message


Heart-Message My I love myself enough to reclaim what is mine – to not allow others (or indeed myself) to bury me in the rubble of a chaotic fall. ——— Heart-Search “Pride goeth before a fall.” So says a paraphrased scripture from the book of James in the Christian Bible. But we need to think about the role of pride… Read more »

Messages for 2016


Continuing through Susannah Conway’s workbook, I’ve done a spread for the year ahead. I don’t subscribe to the idea of future-telling, but I do like the idea of a little message or tidbit to keep in mind for each month of the year ahead. So I’ve gone through and created a short message from each card, focusing on the particular messages… Read more »