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Animal Voices: Bee in the Cards


Welcome to the first installment of Animal Voices! Today I’ll be exploring the messages that Bee brings through my tarot and oracle decks. The Lovers Both The Animal Wisdom Tarot and The Animal-Wise Tarot place the bee on the Lovers card. Each of these decks emphasizes the role that bees play in the process of pollination. Without this process, many… Read more »

Weekly Heart-Message


Heart-Message My I love myself enough to reclaim what is mine – to not allow others (or indeed myself) to bury me in the rubble of a chaotic fall. ——— Heart-Search “Pride goeth before a fall.” So says a paraphrased scripture from the book of James in the Christian Bible. But we need to think about the role of pride… Read more »

Weekly Heart-Message


Heart-Message May I trust myself and my abilities as I set and reach for my goals. ——— Heart-Search Often it is easier for us to see the gifts of others and to deny our own abilities. This inaccurate understanding of ourselves can cause us to close doors that very well may be wonderful and joyful opportunities for us. Imagine what… Read more »