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A Fool Stumbling Through Life


Oh boy! I’m ready to return after an extended hiatus. Life has thrown me a lot of curve balls, and even though most of them have been good it’s been quite a job adjusting to my new life. Mr. Donkey and I have moved back to our hometown, bought a house, and started new jobs. I was planning to stay… Read more »

XXI. The World


Card Meaning The World represents fullness, fulfillment, wholeness, and freedom. Success. In the RWS depiction, the wreath around the dancer is round (it is diamond shaped here in the Efflorescent). The round wreath echos the 0 (zero) of the Fool.  Rachel Pollack in Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom states, “The oval wreath suggests the number 0, with all its symbolism. It implies as… Read more »

XX. Judgement


Card Meaning Judgement is a card of renewal and rebirth. Duality is a theme that has been explored throughout much of the Major Arcana. Here, we see a child between the man and the woman. This symbolizes the birth of a new self. From duality comes a new whole. The cross in the sun on the Efflorescent Tarot (and on… Read more »

XIX. The Sun


Card Meaning The Sun symbolizes clarity, joy, simplicity, knowledge, and openness. When considering the third row of the Major Arcana as a whole, the Sun is significant: from darkness (in the Devil and Tower) to light (from the Star, to the Moon, to the Sun). What was in shadow in the light of the Moon is now clearly seen. The… Read more »

0. The Fool


I’ve decided to pause on the daily draws and to move through the deck systematically, beginning with the majors. I’m doing this for two reasons: In the Alternative Tarot Course, I’m beginning to learn about the majors and would like to focus my attentions there. I would like to get a better feel for the flow of each suit’s story…. Read more »