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Courtroom Drama


Now that I’ve explored the Major Arcana, I can jump back into the Alternative Tarot Course! This is a majors only spread, and the question is: How can I become a truly brilliant tarot reader? Position Five: The Center The Hierophant This card is looked at first since it is the center of the issue at hand — everything else… Read more »

XV. The Devil


Card Meaning The Devil is the first card of the third row in the Major Arcana, a row about moving our spirit from darkness into light — enlightenment. The Devil can represent materialism, oppression, imprisonment, temptation, and illusion. It may seem strange that this card comes so late in the Major Arcana, immediately following Temperance. But when we keep in… Read more »

VI. The Lovers


Card Meaning The Lovers can represent relationships, love, connection, and choice. In the Fool’s Journey, it can be representative of adolescence: the Magician and High Priestess are archetypes of “feminine” and “masculine” energies; the Empress and Emperor represent parents; and the Emperor and Hierophant represent larger social structures. From this perspective, the Lovers indicate a time of making choices based… Read more »

V. The Hierophant


Card Meaning The Hierophant is similar to the Emperor in that he represents social structures and rules. While the Emperor is fatherhood, physical protection, and government, the Hierophant speaks more to religion, spirituality, and ideology. So there is overlap in social pressure and expectations, but they are certainly two different pieces of the same pie. Rachel Pollack in Seventy-Eight Degrees of… Read more »

Daily: The Hierophant


This is the fifth card of the Major Arcana. Personal Reflection I’m not sure at face value what this card means, but I’ll list some of the symbols I see. It seems like a religious figure. They’re holding up a hand with three fingers and a staff with three horizontal pieces. Two keys cross on their chest, one white one black…. Read more »