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Weekly Meditation: 14 Nov 2016


A meditation for the week of November 14 – November 20 No matter the trials I may face this week, may I remember to remain connected to those I love and who love and support me in return. ——— This last week has been very intense, to say the least, for many people. As these emotions bleed into this week… Read more »

Monday Meditation


A┬ámeditation for the week ahead: February 8 – February 14. May I not take those I love for granted. May I express to them what they mean to me and listen to them carefully when they express their needs to me. May I accept the warmth of love that is offered to me and recognize it as a precious gift…. Read more »

Courtroom Drama


Now that I’ve explored the Major Arcana, I can jump back into the Alternative Tarot Course! This is a majors only spread, and the question is: How can I become a truly brilliant tarot reader? Position Five: The Center The Hierophant This card is looked at first since it is the center of the issue at hand — everything else… Read more »

VI. The Lovers


Card Meaning The Lovers can represent relationships, love, connection, and choice. In the Fool’s Journey, it can be representative of adolescence: the Magician and High Priestess are archetypes of “feminine” and “masculine” energies; the Empress and Emperor represent parents; and the Emperor and Hierophant represent larger social structures. From this perspective, the Lovers indicate a time of making choices based… Read more »

Daily: Eight of Wands


Today’s card is the Eight of Wands. Initial Impressions: Eight sharpened wands look like they’re coming down from the sky. A road leads to a town in the distance on a hill or mountain. A cloud “mountain” towers over the town. It feels somewhat aggressive or ominous. While there are green leaves on the sharpened wands, the landscape is all… Read more »

Daily: The Lovers


Since today is an anniversary with my sweetheart, I cheated and decided to explore the Lovers card today. This card could represent a choice between two things. In Holistic Tarot,┬áBenebell Wen writes of this card in a more conflictual way than Paul Quinn in Tarot for Life. She frames it more as a moral choice between the temptations of the… Read more »