Tranquility Shop – Tarot Readings, Classes, & Parties

I offer in-person tarot readings and tarot classes through Tranquility Shop. I can also be booked for a party through Tranquility Shop. Scroll down to read details about each!

128 N. Holden St, Warrensburg, MO 64093


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Tarot Readings

Tarot readings are available Wednesday – Friday from 2:00p – 6:00p and Saturdays from 10:00a – 6:00p.

$40 – 40 minutes

$30 – 30 minutes

$20 – 20 minutes

Appointments are encouraged and can be made through Tranquility Shop.
Walk-ins as available.

September 2019 Special Events

  • $13 20-minute readings on Friday, September 13 – all day from 10:00a to 6:00p. (Save $7!)
  • $10 10-minute readings at Burgfest, Friday, September 27 & Saturday, September 28

Special Event: First Friday Art Walk

$10 mini-readings at First Friday Art Walks from 5:00p – 8:00p.
I usually only offer this specially priced service during the warmer months of the year.

Tarot Classes

You can sign up for classes through Tranquility Shop. Don’t worry if you don’t own a tarot deck – you can borrow one for the class!

Cards & Company every 4th Friday of the month at 6:00p (when open)
Come practice reading in a casual, friendly group setting. All skill levels welcome! Marie will facilitate and be available for questions as you practice with and learn from each other. Collective wisdom is the greatest tarot resource, and whether you are new to tarot or a seasoned pro, these two things are true: you bring a valuable perspective to the table, and there is always something new to learn.

Meditating with Tarot usually offered every month
Come meditate on the imagery, archetypes, and symbols of the tarot. Each class we will meditate on one specific card. No experience with tarot needed! All are welcome. (Examples of cards used in past meditations: The Empress, The Lovers, Strength.)

Beginner’s Tarot: What is Tarot & Tarot Foundations
Curious about tarot and wondering if it’s for you? This class covers what tarot is (and is not), how you can use tarot in your own life, how to choose a tarot deck, and some foundational skills for learning tarot. Tarot can be a fabulous companion as you journey through life. Come see what it’s all about!

The Minor Arcana: The Elemental Suits
Each suit in the tarot corresponds with a different element. These elements represent the various facets of our lives from passion and intellect to our bodies and emotions. Come learn about these different elements and how you can use tarot to check in to the “elemental balance” in your own life.

The Major Arcana: The Fool’s Journey
“The Fool’s Journey” is a metaphor for the journey that all of us make through life. We can visualize this journey by taking a trip through the Major Arcana, starting with the Fool and ending with the World. What experiences and archetypes do we encounter along the way? Where might you be on this journey? In addition to personal reflection, knowledge of the Fool’s Journey can deepen your understanding of the majors.

The Pips: A Comparative Study
The Aces through Tens don’t always get a lot of love, but they have so much to share with us! There is incredible nuance in the meanings these cards share, and we will explore this depth of meaning by comparing different depictions of cards between various decks. This is genuinely one of Marie’s favorite ways to study tarot!

Tarot & Journaling: Using Tarot for Growth, Introspection, & Reflection
Adding journaling to your tarot practice (or tarot to your journaling practice!) can add new depth to your personal exploration. Join us as we examine several different techniques for using tarot and journaling as a joint tool for personal growth, introspection, and reflection. And bring a journal!

Seasonal Classes Include:
February – Tarot with Your Valentine
October – Death & The Devil: Tarot’s (Not So) Scary Cards
December – New Year’s / Winter Solstice Intention Setting + Year Ahead Spread

Tarot Reading at Parties

I am available for parties! Tarot parties, Halloween parties, birthday parties, bachelorette parties, just for fun — you name it!

$50 – 1 hour

$90 – 2 hours

$120 – 3 hours

Parties can be booked through Tranquility Shop.

What does a tarot reader do at a party? A private space is set aside at the party so that each person in attendance can receive a personal reading. I give a brief overview of my services at the beginning of the party, and then the readings begin! The length of each reading is determined by the number of people at the party and the length of time I am scheduled to be there. Keep this in mind when you schedule! 🙂

20% down to hold your date, remaining balance due 48 hours before party. Cancellations made with at least a 48-hour notice will receive a full refund. Without a 48-hour notice, the deposit is not refunded.