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Local Services

I offer in-person tarot readings and book  parties through Tranquility Shop. Scroll down to read details about each and contact me or the lovely folks at the shop with any questions 🙂

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Tarot Readings

What To Expect

Tarot readings are such a personal service, and there are so many different styles of reading. I want you to know what to expect from my services. My readings are:

  • Empowering – My readings are client-driven. While I am your guide, I also honor and respect your observations, thoughts, and introspections.
  • Friendly – My goal is to be a safe person to explore your personal issues with. I do not seek to scare or intimidate you with tarot. I have been told often that I have a calming, safe presence.
  • Confidential – I do not share what we talk about with others in or outside of the shop. The feelings and experiences you share are deserving of deep respect.*
  • Conversational – The most powerful readings I do are a partnership between myself and the client. If you are not comfortable conversing, that is ok too 🙂

My readings are not communications with spirits or future predictions.

*To learn more about my style and the specifics of confidentiality, please read my code of ethics here.

Special Events

Follow us for announcements about special pricing at events such as First Fridays and Friday the 13th!

Tarot Readings at Parties

I am available for parties! Tarot parties, Halloween parties, birthday parties, bachelorette parties, just for fun — you name it!

What does a tarot reader do at a party? A private space is set aside by the host at the party so that each person in attendance can receive a personal reading. I give a brief overview of my services at the beginning of the party, and then the readings begin! The length of each reading is determined by the number of people at the party and the length of time I am scheduled to be there. Keep this in mind when you schedule! 🙂

Parties can be booked through Tranquility Shop.

20% down to hold your date, remaining balance due 48 hours before party. These totals are listed in the pricing table above.

Cancellations made with at least a 48-hour notice will receive a full refund. Without a 48-hour notice, the deposit is not refunded.